Members' Benefits

Members of Alton Golf Club enjoy many benefits amongst those are:

* A clubhouse that makes you feel comfortable with excellent individual service
* An uncrowded, but challenging historical course
* Full membership of Golf England and Hampshire Golf
* Reduced Green fees at hundreds of clubs, not only in Hampshire but world wide
* A full competition calendar and access to club matches not solely based on ability
* A winter inter club league for senior golfers
* Full personal golf insurance for yourself and your guests (See Note)
* A £100 hole in one cover in competitions, matches and role ups held at Alton Golf Club. (See Note)
* A practice facility available at no cost with excellent short game aids.
* Ability to play part of the course during most of the week, for those who prefer just a few holes.
* Volunteering opportunities ... enjoy the course as your private estate as a shared landowner.
* Regular fun events hosted both on course and in the club house
* A sense of belonging...

Note on insurance whilst playing at Alton Golf Club

Policy Cover

As before, the members enjoy the below benefits:


Personal Liability Excess Nil Max Cover £5m Worldwide
Non-negligence Third Party Property Damage Excess Nil Max Cover £20,000 Home Course only
Personal Accident Ecess Nil Max £25,000 Home Course only
Hospitalisation cover After 4 days Max Up to £300 Home Course only
Dental Treatment Excess £50 Cover £600 Worldwide
Optical Excess £50 Max £600 Worldwide
Loss of Tournament Fees Excess Nil Max Up to £250 Worldwide
Loss of Club Subscriptions After 60 days Max Up to £1,000 Home Course only
Hole in One benefit Excess Nil Max £100 Home Course only

In terms of the Hole In One benefit this applies for all club competitions and unlike many competing products it is not restricted to competitions for handicapping purposes.
For clarity the Home Course is the Alton Golf Club course located at GU34 4BU.

Material Facts / Duty of Disclosure

Please note that failure to disclose all material facts (that is those facts an insurer would regard likely to influence the acceptance or assessment of an insurance risk) may invalidate the Insurance. If you are in any doubt whether a fact is material, you should disclose it. You are advised to keep a record (including copies of letters) of all information supplied to the Insurer for the purpose of entering into the contract of Insurance.