Course Etiquette

Dress Code

Alton Golf Club asks both its members and visitors to show respect to their fellow members and visitors by always adhering to a respectful standard of dress.

* Smart conventional attire is required so, collarless shirts and combat/cargo shorts are not permitted.
* Men's shirts are to be worn inside trousers or shorts.
* Socks (of any length) must be worn with shorts.
* Although conventional golf clothing would be preferred Alton Golf Club does support a more relaxed dress code.

In the Clubhouse

* Smart casual dress or dry, clean golfing attire is required.
* Appropriate footwear to be worn at all times. Studded shoes of any type are not permitted in the club house.
* Smart denim may be worn, but not torn or soiled jeans.
* Cargo shorts are not permitted.
* Men please do not wear any caps or hats inside the club house.

On the course

* Alton is a challenging course if you are a beginner play the Red/Blue course; you will enjoy it more.
* Please observe Local Rules, especially with respect to playing priority see the back of the score card for full details.
* Please note all club matches and competitions have priority.
* Please repair divots and pitch marks, and please rake the bunkers after you have played from them.
* Please ring the bell on the 5th Tee and the 7th Fairway.
* Please allow people on the 8th Yellow/Red Tee to tee off before playing into the green from the 7th Fairway.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones may be taken onto the courses in silent mode solely for use in an emergency and calls should be made discreetly outside the Clubhouse. Public Wifi is available.