Captain's Charity 4 Ball Auction

# Please e-mail your bid to

**The latest bid amounts are appended by the Christian name and initial of the bidder

Bids in £5 increments please

A bid double the minimum will immediately be accepted.

Thank you for your support it is much appreciated.

Club Voucher Expiry date Min / Current BID Bid End Date Last Bidder Christian Name
Lewes Golf Club 30 Sept 2024 £60 30 Apr 2024 Sold to Anthony        
Eastbourne Downs Golf Club 1st Sept 2024 £60 30 Apr 2024 Sold to Anthony        
Southwick Park Golf Club 23 Feb 2025 £85 30 Apr 2024 Sold to Nick        
Newbury and Crookham Golf Club 5th Apr 2025  £100 30 May 2024 Sold to Rodger        
Corhampton Golf Club 31st May 2025 £80 10 July2024 Kevin B