Alton Golf Club Association Charity

In the hands of its members

We were extremely fortunate to be able to retain our facility and recover the course thanks to the loyalty of our members and the charitable efforts of a number of individuals and organisations.

Many of us, who love playing golf, have found the game to be both a great reliever of day to day stress and a way to retain good health in old age. We therefore re-formed, in adversity, the club as a charitable organization.

The charity was registered by the Charity Commission in Dec 2012 registration no 1150265. Alton Golf Club Association attained status as a charitable company for tax purposes in June 2013 HMRC Ref number EW00869.

So any donations to the Association qualify for Gift Aid. The aims of our charity, are to provide affordable golf to the people in the Alton and surrounding areas. The charity runs a number of events each year which will enable it to provide financial assistance to Juniors to take up the game and to Seniors to enable them to continue playing golf. It will also assist people with disabilities to enjoy the game.

Our events will hopefully be able to continue to provide facilities and bursaries to achieve the charity’s aims. We appreciate any donations and help you care to give. Further details of the Charity can be obtained by e-mail from

Alton Golf Club is finally back in the hands of its members

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