Again I will start with a non golf related topics and very sad ones at that. One of our members, Colin Darby shared with us his that his wife Sandy has recently passed away. All our thoughts are with him and his family and the funeral was on Friday 13th October. Colin, you can rely on any support you need from the club. Also shared with us was that Chas Donnelly, a member for many years, has been being treated for prostate cancer and it has now spread further in his abdominal area. Chas recently left for easier walking at Alresford but still comes back to cut our rough as a volunteer. Keep fighting Chas and our thoughts are with you and Shelia. Hope to see you up the club again soon.

On the course the greens are now recovering well from the hollow tining and thanks again to all those who volunteered to help. We have a problem with the tractor which is in for repair so that is why you see so many leaves on the course. Hopefully, it will be back soon and we can start picking up the leaves. Just a small request to those who clean their trolleys with the shoe cleaner hose. If you create a lot of grass and dirt please use the broom and sweep it into a pile. When the grass builds up people move even further away to avoid grass sticking to the clean wheels and make the whole area untidy.

We hope you like the new fence in front of the clubhouse. Thank you to the two members who donated money to ensure the project was at zero cost to the club and those who helped in preparing the material and building the fence. I normally don’t like to single people out individually but thanks to Dave Paterson who was the main man in sourcing painting and building the fence.

I am going to organise a team event on Saturday 11th November. It is a bit late in the season but let’s see what the weather brings. The event will be for teams of 3 with the best two scores on each hole to count. I will provide some prizes and food and all entry fees will go to the club. Please support the event as we need a core number to make it worth running. Ideally we get some entries from outside the club so if you know people who would like to play then please invite them along.

We also again have a winter offer to try and attract new members. If you have any friends or people you know who are thinking of taking up golf or returning to golf there is no better time to start. There will be some leaflets in the clubhouse giving the details.

On the playing side the Coronation Cup was won by Will McWilliams with 38 points with Graham Bishton in second place with 37 points. The Courage Salver day 1 was won by Rob Keogh with a 68 but for this two round event the overall winner was Roger Chapman 74/7 (145) on count back from Kye Williams 69/76. Roger also had the best score on the second day. The Queen Mother was a hard fought event with Steve Fogg (108) winning by 1 point from Terry McCrossan. The October Medal and first foot cup Division A was won by Keith McCombe (68) and division B by Jim Noonan (68). Finally, in the last major of the year, open to those who have not won a board competition, the Tupling Tankard was won by Terry McCrossan with 38 points. I have heard a few words around the club saying what a winner at least that is what I thought they said.

Summer friendly club matches are now completed for the year and we finished with a great couple of matches with a mixed match at home to Meon Valley (a half) and away match at Gosport and Stokes Bay away which we lost in the wind. Many thanks to all those who put their names down for these matches we never struggled to field a team and I think we all enjoyed the matches the fun and the banter.

It has been a bit quite on the social side but there is a fireworks party planned for Friday 4th November. Please bring a large firework and there will be a small charge for food. It is always a great night which regrettably I will miss. It is my mother-in-laws 80th birthday party and I have been told I am going. The list is up in the clubhouse or let Alison know you are attending. The annual dinner dance list is also up in the clubhouse. It will be held again at Alton House Hotel on Saturday 25th November. A list is up with menu choices in the clubhouse and it should be a great night. No Elvis this year just dancing and fun.

The Annual General Meeting is coming up soon so maybe now is the time to think if you can make some time and serve on the committee. We are always looking for new blood and ideas. Even if you don’t want to be on the committee but have skills or just willing to put in some hard work then please let us know. As you are aware a lot of the success of the club is due to volunteers and without volunteers over the years we would not exist.

The next Captains report will be my last but until next time enjoy your golf.

Happy Golfing
Alton Golf Club Captain